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Welcome to WoodyInc Studios Web Cam Model Recruiting Program.

Please feel free to review the information contained on our site and
contact us with any questions you may have.

Whether you are wanting to find talent on a local, National, part-time, full-time, small scale or large scale basis we know that our program will provide the most rewarding payoffs available in this industry.

Our Agent Payout is a 20% match on the earnings of the Webcam Models they personally recruit. You will find that other companies ONLY PAY A 10% MATCH on a Model's earnings AND they only pay their Models 20%!

We also pay a guaranteed flat payout of 25% to our Models.

So if the Models make 25% more money with us, and we pay our Agents twice the percentage- THEN OUR AGENTS MAKE 150% MORE MONEY WORKING FOR US!

Example #1 - "Company XYZ" Agent Program

Webcam Model "BarbieDoll" goes to work for "Company XYZ" - She is committed as well as a wonderful Cammodel and her Customers spend $4,000 in a week in her Online Modeling Chatroom. 20% of that money is her "cut" which means her paycheck equals $800. (realistic numbers)

If you were her Agent you would make your 10% match equaling $80.

So $80 multiplied times 52 weeks in a year means you would make $4,160 per year from recruiting her.

Not bad right? Keep reading... :-)

Example #2 - WoodyInc Studios Agent Program

Webcam Model "BarbieDoll" is recruited by you and instead goes to work for WoodyInc Studios - She is committed as well as a wonderful Cammodel and her Customers spend the same $4,000 in a week in her Online Modeling Chatroom. Now 25% of that money is her "cut" which equals $1,000. (realistic numbers)

Let's do a little more math-

She makes $1,000 and you get a 20% match = $200

$200 x 52 weeks in a year = $10,400 a year!

She did the exact same work AND SO DID YOU as working for "Company XYZ" - but she made 25% more and the paychecks for her agent are 150% more!

Let us review...

"Company XYZ" = $800 to the model and $80 to her Agent

WoodyInc Studios = $1,000 to the model and $200 to her Agent.


You will find that the average person has no idea that Web Cam Modeling, sometimes referred to as Internet Modeling, even exists yet when the opportunity is presented to them in a professional and pressure free manner and the conversion from curious to committed is amazingly high.

Our companies success is built on the fact that we don't hype up figures or tell people they will earn $2,000 in a day or pull in $20,000 a month. Can they? YES! Will they when they first start out? Most likely not going to happen...

Instead we present TRUTHFUL &  HONEST facts and numbers and allow those persons interested in becoming a Cam Model to make a no-pressure and informed decision.

Our Studio not only provides all the support an Agent could ever ask for, we also support our Models the same way. What is the use in going through the effort to recruit Models if there isn't a support team to help ensure their success and they quit anyways?

With millions of visitors daily on WoodyCams.com, and 2,000+ other Customer Websites our Models appear on, we always have a steady stream of customers willing to spend money on them.

We bring them the customers instead of doing what other companies do and making them find their own.

There's nothing like making money in your sleep!

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